Infocom's Z-Machine Specification

Original Files

The original source files for the various Z-Machine specifications.

LaTeX versions

The meaning of the Scribe commands matched reasonably well with LaTeX, and I ported the EZip and XZip Specification source to LaTeX more or less by hand. I used the resulting EZip/XZip LaTex files as a guide to convert the Zip Specification from Runoff to LaTex. I may one day do the same with the YZip text.


The LaTeX sources, compiled to PDF. The style of the result doesn't look much like what Infocom would have used, a problem I may fix one day if I ever get around to it.

YZip Scan PDF

A scanned copy of the YZip specification that has been floating around the web for several years, for comparison with the PDFs produced for the earlier specifications.